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Rocket French Video Review

Here’s a video of a Rocket French Review and why it’s different from other learning solutions out there. As an example, I also used a comparison with Rosetta Stone below.

In this video review of Rocket French, you will discover the main reasons why this online French learning solution is the best French learning solution out there. This presentation does not have any sound, it is accompanied by music so that you can concentrate on the slides.

I think it is a serious, studied way in which you can analyse why Rocket French Premium is a very good software to buy to learn to speak French quickly and effectively.

Rocket French Presentation

Rocket French Review
Clever, effective solution to learn French quickly
Rocket French Premium is the latest Internet platform from Rocket Languages to teach French to motivated learners who don’t have the time nor inclination to go to local classes. Premium is the first level, aimed at beginners and low level.
Rating: 4.5
If you’re looking for a way to learn French by yourself because you want to move to France or come here on a trip, then it’s normal that you’re searching for a solution on the Internet.
There are quite a few solutions out there, but the ones that are the most popular are Rosetta Stone, Rocket French, Pimsleur and Babbel.

As a point of comparison, I’m going to compare Rosetta Stone and Rocket French because they are the solutions I know the best.

Rosetta Stone French Review

Compare Rosetta Stone to Rocket French Premium

Rosetta Stone is an international company based in the US. It has two target markets: the general public and large institutions (academic, governmental and large companies). It is probably the most well known software solution for learning languages in the world.

Strengths of Rosetta Stone

It has no English language in it’s interface, forcing you to learn from the very first lesson. Basically, it shows you photos and plays you audio with the key words and then tests you until you get the answer right. So you’re focussing on the target language immediately. It also has a strong voice recognition software.

It also has the possibility of live conversations with tutors (in groups of minimum 4 people) but at a higher cost.

Rocket French Review

Who is Rocket French?

rocket french review

Rocket French is one course that is part of Rocket Languages, a New Zealand based company that has grown quickly in the last few years and is now a major player in language learning online. It has a simple business model focussing on providing language learning solutions via its website and affiliates. It is primarily targeted at the general public.

Strengths of Rocket French

Rocket French has 3 main strengths:

1) It really focuses on motivating the user by forcing him to rate his progress and also attributing points that can then be compared in a worldwide leaderboard. It’s great for getting those competitive juices flowing!

2) Also, it works hard on eliminating your accent by allowing you to record and compare in various different exercises. On the whole, Rocket French is very much an audio and oral comprehension based learning solution. Rosetta Stone is more visual.

3) Lastly, the learning techniques are very easy and based on chunking – putting bits together so you can easily memorise and progress.

And of course, there’s the price:

Rosetta Stone is around $230 whereas Rocket French is just $99.95.

Lastly, PC Mag in the US did a more comprehensive review, and they gave Rocket Languages 4.5 stars out of 5 and was the Editor’s Choice.

So if I were to compare Rosetta Stone to Rocket French, then I wouldn’t hesitate and recommend Rocket French – it’s more fun, easier, more motivating and a lot cheaper!

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