Learn french at home – is it for you?


Would you like to learn French at home?

learn french at homeAre you stuck at home a long way from a store or library?

Do you not have the time to go for lessons in a local school?

Would you find it difficult to pay for home lessons?

Are you already in France and you’d like to learn French at home before daring to go outside?

Learning French at home should not be seen as avoiding real classes. It should really be understood as a different way of learning. Also, there are many advantages to learning at home that you won’t find in a school or on the road itself.

First of all, the conditions for learning need to be right. If you want to learn French at home, these are the things you need to think about before you start:

  1. Can you learn alone? If you are a contact person and you need to be with other people, then learning French at home could be a dull and lifeless experience.
  2. What’s your motivation for learning French? Is it because one day you want to go? Or is it because you’ve actually booked your ticket and you have a deadline? The bigger the challenge, the more you’ll accomplish.
  3. Have you made your intentions to learn French at home public? It may seem silly, but studies have shown that the more you talk about something, the more your brain reacts to actually get it done. So don’t hesitate to tell friends and family that you’re going to learn French.
  4. Do you have the right tools to help you? You need a variety of them to keep you interested. TV, films, online method, chat, phone classes. Variety is obligatory!
  5. Do you have a goal? You can’t learn French in a day, just like you can’t play the guitar, run a marathon or make your kids behave. It takes time and practice. Knowing what your goal is can make the hard times easier. For example, it could be you want to be able to understand a simple conversation. It could be you want to be able to ask someone precise instructions.

What is sure is that if you only speak English, then learning French will open up neurones in your brain to make you smarter. Don’t believe me? Then read this. So not only will you be learning French, but you’ll be helping your brain too.

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