Why french lessons don’t work


Why French lessons don’t work

See-right-throughI remember when I first arrived in France. I had thought that I had received a decent school education, and that I was equipped to converse adequately with the French. Then I went to a “boulanger” and all I wanted was to buy a “pain au chocolat”. Surely learning French for 7 years at schools was enough to get me by? I opened my mouth and bam! The charming owner started speaking to me in perfect English with a charming French accent. “What can I get you Monsieur?”
I didn’t even get the chance to speak because she had immediately seen me for a foreigner!
You see, what people don’t realise when you learn French is that it can count for nothing if they don’t let you get a chance to speak. And their English is often better than what your French can ever be. And when they see you humming and aahing, then they take pity and want to put you out of your misery.
Learning French is often about confidence. The confidence to make mistakes, the confidence to keep talking when you could just give up, smile and walk away. Confidence to ask people to let you speak! To let you try. To reply in French when they speak to you in English.
Often the best way to do this is by just getting out there and doing it. But if you’re not in Paris, or any other of those beautiful iconic towns like Nice, Rennes, Strasbourg or Lyon, then the best alternative is to do it online first.

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