Tips to learn French successfully


Tips when learning French

romaneStarting to learn English is easy. People the world over can learn the basic grammatical structure and the first 100 words. That’s one of the reasons why English is now the most successful language. It’s actually a language that was designed to be easy to learn because of when the vikings and the saxons had to understand each other. But once you get the basic structure right, to actually speak it fluently is VERY hard. And the amount of vocabulary to learn is ridiculous.

French is the OPPOSITE. It’s very hard to learn at first, and then gets easier and easier. It’s grammatical structure is quite similar to Latin. It does take a while to understand the pronouns (and even the need for them) and know which tense to use and when. But once it’s all in place, you can even start to guess what certain words are before you even learn them. And the structure of the language is very similar to the French in general. The French are engineers – they have lots of engineering schools (Ecoles d’ingénieurs) and they had Minitel before the Internet, they had TGV trains whilst the rest of us were in steam locomotives. Their language is engineered the same way. It’s complicated but it pretty much works and it won’t let you down.

Advanced English is impossible. You can’t work anything out. You know that rule “i before e except after c?” I bet you didn’t know that there are actually more words that don’t follow this rule than do!

So when you learn French at first, it seems really hard. It takes time. It seems like there are new rules all over the place. But you need to keep at it, because when the basics are done, then the learning path becomes a lot easier.