The Awards for the top 100 sites to learn French for free


After a bit of time off and then 2 months of hard work, I’m delighted to announce a new page on the Love France, Learn French site “The Top 100 Sites, Blogs and Resources to Learn French for Free“.

Here’s how I did it:

1. I first of all realised that not all sites are set up the same way. Some update posts regularly, others are centered around a platform of lessons, and others give links to external or internal resources. So I made 3 categories: Resources, Blogs and Learn French for Free.

2. I then used Google to find as many sites as I good. I wanted the sites to be up-to-date, or at least be recommended many times over – when I saw a site on several resources pages, then I knew that it was worth checking out. For each site I found, I put it in the Excel file I had created.

3. When I visited the site, I wanted to see who it was catered to. There are 3 main targets: children, students and adults. I then looked at the various pages, checked that the resources were working, made sure that any links were still good (a lot of resource pages point to broken links). Once I felt that the site fitted all my criteria, I validated it and moved on.

4. I had about 150 sites in all, and I whittled them down to 100. Once the Excel file was ready, I made the page.

It was hard work but a lot of fun too – I’m so impressed by the amount of generosity there is out there from people who really want to give and help others learn. Please don’t hestitate to share the page and let me know if I’ve missed any sites you too would recommend!