Rocket French Premium Review


Rocket French Premium Review

Here’s a video of a Rocket French Premium Review and why it’s different from other learning solutions out there. Enjoy!

Rocket French Presentation

Rocket French Premium
Reviewed by Ryan Harrison on
Clever, effective solution to learn French quickly
Rocket French Premium is the latest Internet platform from Rocket Languages to teach French to motivated learners who don’t have the time nor inclination to go to local classes. Premium is the first level, aimed at beginners and low level.
Rating: 4.5

In this video you will discover the main reasons why Rocket French is the best French learning solution out there. This presentation does not have any sound, it is accompanied by music so that you can concentrate on the slides. I’ll probably do a voice one soon, but for the moment I think it is a serious, studied way in which you can analyse why Rocket French Premium is a very good software to buy to learn to speak French quickly and effectively.