8 reasons why the French really are the best lovers in the world


Ah, the French. Purveyors of fine wines. Experts of smelly cheeses. Owners of fine castles. And, in my humble opinion, amazing lovers. In the name of research only I decided to test the theory that when it comes to making love, the French are in a league of their own. Well, after years of tests, the results are in, and I can confirm that compared to all other nations, there is no comparison.

I also can scientifically explain to you why they are so good. Read on, dear reader, and discover for yourself why so many international beauties marry Frenchmen. It’s also a great reason for me to use some nice photos.

#1 Losing their virginity is not a big deal

French young lovers

The film American Pie is all about 4 teenage boys desperate to lose their virginity. English and American culture seems to really make a huge deal about the importance of losing virginity and making sure that it is carried out in the right conditions. The French age of consent is 15 and their first time is not considered a huge milestone, but rather the first step in a career of pleasurable and memorable moments.