10 small Frenchmen that married beautiful French women


Perfect proof of how speaking French will empower you no matter what your size

If I say “Napoleon”, what’s the first image that comes into your mind? That’s right, that he was a small guy. Not the fact that he nearly managed to control all of Europe. Or that he was born in Corsica, or was exiled to South Africa. Nope, the first thing you thought was that he was small, probably smaller than his wife Josephine.

Napoleon was not the first, and, as you will see, is certainly not the last of small French men that seduced beautiful women far taller than him into his bed.

You’ll find below 10 gorgeous and intelligent women that found that size was no obstacle to falling in love. So what is it about small French men that makes them so successful? Power, certainly, is a factor. Confidence, undoubtably, is another. Money, I would hazard a guess, is also important.

Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarlozy


As soon as Nicolas Sarkozy became President of France in 2007, he separated from his wife Cécilia and fell in love with Carla Bruni, ex Model and now a successful French singer.